Retirement Planning

Eastmills Ltd provide advice in the full extent of the Retirement Planning journey. Both in the accumulation of your fund and when you need to make the choice to take the benefits and how you take them. We give advice on Personal Pensions, Flexible Retirement Plans, Group Personal Pensions, Third Way Plans and Annuities. 

Everyone from the age of 1 to 75 can pay £2880 into a pension plan in every tax year, which instantly with tax relief becomes worth £3600. When someone is earning, they can pay in a maximum of £40000 or their entire salary whichever is lower. The lifetime allowance for their fund is now £1 Million. We can give advice on protections if your fund is £1.25 million or above.

Eastmills Ltd also advise on SIPPS, SSAS and Money Purchase Pension Switching where appropriate.



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